Network security services

Authentication service

This service in relation to virtual networks is called the object authentication service (single-level) and provides confirmation of the fact that the sender of the information is exactly who he claims to be. For datagram networks, the authentication service is called the data source authentication service.

Integrity services

Integrity refers to the exact correspondence of the data sent and received between themselves. Integrity services for the networks in question are as follows.

Virtual networks:

  • recovery connection integrity service;
  • connection integrity service without recovery;
  • Integrity service of selective connection fields.

Datagram networks:

  • integrity service without connection;
  • connectionless integrity field service.

Fields are understood as certain specific elements of blocks or packets of transmitted data. Recovery refers to the procedures for recovering data that has been destroyed or lost as a result of detecting distortions, inserts or repeats in blocks or datagrams. Datagram network integrity services do not provide for recovery procedures.

Data Security Services

Data privacy services:

  • connection privacy service – ensures the secrecy of all data sent by objects over a virtual channel;
  • connectionless secret service – ensures the confidentiality of data contained in each individual datagram;
  • service for classifying individual connection fields;
  • traffic classification service – neutralizes the ability to obtain information about network subscribers and the nature of network use.