Biometric Authentication Systems

Many authentication methods correspond to the same certificate. That is, they are not protected from compromising the authenticator. Biometric methods for identifying or authenticating this flaw. As already noted, biometric methods are based on the analysis of the unique characteristics of the person himself.

Biometrics are unique psychological or behavioral characteristics.

In particular, fingerprints. Biometric identification can be used to prevent unauthorized access in buildings, ATMs, desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices, mobile phones, wireless devices, computer files and data-based, as well as in open and closed computer networks.

Biometric Protection Methods

Biometric protection using methods such as using passwords, PINs, smart cards, chetons (tokens) or PKI technologies (public key infrastructure), since biometrics allow you to identify the person himself, not the device. Traditional methods of protection do not exclude the possibility of information loss. A unique biometric identifier, which is a fingerprint, is a key that cannot be lost.

A biometric security system allows you to completely abandon it.

The BioLink U-Match Mouse is a standard two-button mouse that implements a fingerprint scanning methodology. BioLink allows you to receive the highest quality images. Unlike other devices on the market, the BioLink U-Match mouse does not create a fingerprint image, but creates a 500-byte secure template that cannot be converted to a user’s fingerprint image.

This technology provides an unrivaled level of security and protection against unauthorized access.

Authentication Center application BioLink Authentication Center is an excellent application security system that provides access to workstations and user registration in the system. Application of the authentication system The BioLink authentication center allows you to use a large number of user requests to technical support services.

BioLink introduced the revolutionary Authenteon Linear Server Biometric Authentication Server for Medium and Large Networks, capable of high-speed authentication for large user databases. Currently, there are very few solutions.

Biometric search in large databases of biometric identifiers. BioLink was among the first developers of unique technologies. Servers can be independent, easily integrable and existing, and almost completely agree with modern network topologies.

In addition to turnkey solutions, there is the BioLink Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows developers to integrate BioLink with their own applications and third-party applications.